Hello, I'm Sally.

I'm a UK book blogger and dwell within books and writing. It's my absolute passion! This blog was created so that I can share my book experiences and thoughts with other people and encourage non-readers that a book is just as good as T.V if not better!

I've been reading books since I was very young and aspire to become a writer in the near future. I want everyone to read my stories as I have so many ideas to share and for everyone else to love and enjoy them as much as I do! Young Adult books appeal to me because of how well most YA novels relate to real life situations, YA definitely deserves more credit than it's given. It's wonderful to sink into a good book written by someone else and immerse yourself within the world they have created and bond with the characters. I love it!

If you're a fellow book lover, I shake you warmly by the hand!

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