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Blog Tour: 3 Character's Kestrel Might Be Friends With

Here we are. The end of another breathtaking fantastical journey as the Winner's Trilogy comes to a conclusion. And what a flawless and satisfying finale to a great series! Marie Rutkoski is indeed one of the most talented author's I have read the works of, and the Winner's Trilogy has been engraved into my favourite series list. Sitting pretty in the Top 3 alongside Night School and Blood for Blood series.

To celebrate the release of the final book, I'm here to host a fun post on the leading lady that has stolen the hearts of many readers - Kestrel.

So, I sat down and began to think outside the box and the world of Valoria and Herran, considering all the characters of many series that I have grown to love over the years and depicting which ones might have made an excellent partnership with the strategically gifted Kestrel. So here are my picks!

 Banished (The Blackhart Legacy, #1)

Author: Liz de Jager
Genres: YA, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Kit was the very first character that instantly came to mind when I considered who could match Kestrel and make a worthy ally. This sassy, kind-hearted heroine would add a certain 'cool factor' to Kestrel's band of friends. Main reason being, Kit's loyalty is undoubtedly her greatest trait and so admirable. She would bring smiles and cheer to anyone but at the same time, she would never allow herself to stray from her mission and what's important. Kit would always protect those she loves and cares about. She and Kestrel would make the dynamic duo, with Kestrel as the perfect strategist (Kit also being highly intelligent) and Kit as the courageous team player who would be ready to dive into the action and get her hands dirty.


Author: Renee Ahdieh
Genres: YA, Fantasy, Retelling, Romance

Shazi has all the makings of a strategist. With her imagination, quick thinking and crafty solutions to get her out of sticky situations and her ever-charming wits, there is no one better to match with Kestrel. Shazi laughs in the face of danger and would go to extreme lengths for her friends and loved ones but her mind does not get so easily clouded by her emotions. In many ways, she is like Kestrel, who thinks first then acts later. Who is always at war with her feelings. But this beautifully crafted storyteller would make a perfect loyal friend to Kestrel. Shazi's ability to act calm even in the most dire situations may be what Kestrel needs when she is at her most weakest.


Author: Mark Lawrence
Genres: YA/Adult Crossover, Fantasy

Now, this is perhaps the most controversial choice. Especially with those who are familiar with this series. And believe me, even I've considered myself insane for thinking someone like Jorg Ancrath could be a worthy friend to Kestrel. Jorg is no hero. Nor is he a complete villain. In ways, you could call him an anti-hero but even then, it's hard to place one specific label upon his character. He is relentless. Filled with anger and pride. But gifted. In more ways than one. Since a young age, his mind could equal to that of a grown adult strategist. He has the charm of a bad boy, the wits of The Joker and a heart filled with darkness.

So why Jorg? He's a savage. A monster. A heartbreaker. But place him among the right people, and you'll see a different side to him. He is a leader through and through. Though he is one to act first, and think later, Jorg can easily pull himself out of even the toughest of situations. His sarcastic remarks, overconfidence and arrogance reminded me of Roshar in ways, but I think both Jorg and Kestrel would bring out the best in each other. Perhaps Kestrel's sharp mind might finally put Jorg in his place. And perhaps a little overconfidence and headstrong tactics is what Kestrel needs, next time she's thrown into the middle of a war. A friend who refuses to let his emotions control him might just gain them a victory.

So those are my picks on who I think Kestrel might be friends with! 

What are your thoughts on my choices?

Which characters do YOU think Kestrel would be friends with?

If you haven't already, please check out this series! It's a real winner.


Marie Rutkoski / Photo by Tobias Everke

Marie Rutkoski is the author of several novels for children and young adults, including The Winner’s Curse (March 2014). She grew up in Bolingbrook, Illinois as the oldest of four children and decided early on that she was Someone Who Loved Books.

After attending the University of Iowa and living in Moscow and Prague, she studied Shakespeare at Harvard University, where she honed her skill in referring to herself in the third person.

Marie is now a professor of English literature at Brooklyn College, where she teaches Renaissance drama, children’s literature, and fiction writing. New York City is her home, and she thinks there must be birds of prey living in Washington Square Park; she can see large, wheeling wings from the window where she sits and writes. Marie has two small sons who try very hard to make friends with the family cat, only to be snubbed for the dark quiet of a closet. Marie can tie a double figure-eight knot with her eyes closed. She’s learning how to play the violin. She’s a sucker for fancy tea, and her favorite dessert is crème brulée. Or maybe sticky toffee pudding. Tough call.

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  1. I've only read The Wrath and the Dawn, but definitely think Shazi and Kestrel would definitely get on! They're very similar, but not so much so that it would cause them to clash.

    This was a great post idea, Sally!

    Sophie @ Sophie Reads YA