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YA Shot Blog Tour - Hypothetical Scenarios with Catherine Doyle

YA Shot Blog & Vlog Tour

Welcome, to my stop in the YA Shot Blog Tour!

Organised by the wonderful Alexia Casale, this tour has been created to promote reading as much as possible and also the big YA Shot festival taking place on Wednesday 28th October 2015! For more information about the event and YA Shot, click here

So I have teamed up with the incredibly talented Catherine Doyle - author of the amazing Vendetta (a YA retelling of Romeo & Juliet that everyone absolutely MUST read) - and we have conjured up a special blog post for the tour.You're in for a real treat you guys. We both had a lot of fun in creating this post and we chose to do something... a little different!

Hypothetical Scenarios - With the Cast of Vendetta!

That's right people. I decided to question a few characters from Vendetta, throwing them a few hypothetical scenarios to see their reactions and answers! Who are the lucky victims? Well, you'll be seeing answers from the leading stars SOPHIE and NIC. Of course, we simply had to interrogate LUCA too. (Team Luca. Always.) We also have our beloved VALENTINO, the infamous FELICE and the witty and charming MILLIE! Read on to find out what they said!

#1 - It's your lucky day! Your first day at Hogwarts and the sorting hat grants YOU the opportunity to decide which House you want to join. Which one do you pick?

Millie: Well, I’m not a nerd, so I’m definitely not going to the Ravenclaw snoozefest. I’m not evil so Slytherin is out. Hufflepuff seems like a good time. Where is Sophie going? Has she been sorted yet? I suppose she’d be a Gryffindor, wouldn’t she? Classic Gracewell. Wait, where did Neville Longbottom go, you know the one who got really hot all of a sudden? Yeah, I guess I’ll go to Gryffindor then. 

Sophie: Oh, this is tough. I guess I’ll go where the most action is. Maybe surround myself with a bunch of people who also like to walk into dangerous situations… I bet we’d get into a lot of trouble together. Gryffindor, I think! That’s the best one anyway, right? Where did Millie go? 

Nic: Gryffindor all the way. Less thinking, more doing. I’m not about to sit on the sidelines and watch other people have all the fun.

Luca: Where do the smart, charismatic people go? Sign me up, Ravenclaw.

Valentino: I’d go where Luca goes; we stick together.

Felice: I’m not familiar enough with Harry Potter to make this decision. In any case, I wouldn’t squeeze myself into someone else’s house, what an insult! I’d make my own, and it would be far superior to all the others. Felicius. It has a nice ring to it, I must say.

#2 - It's the zombie apocalypse! Your team consists of 5 people - including yourself but also someone you truly dislike. Think of all the people that you know, which one's would be your team members?

Millie: Oh, you must be joking, right? A Zombie apocalypse? I’d be dead, like, immediately. I would just jump right off a cliff and not put myself through the trauma. OK, OK, let me think. Five people, including me. So, I’d put Sophie on the team because I don’t really feel like surviving an entire apocalypse without someone fun to hang out with on the other side. Then my brother, Alex, I guess, because he’s tall and can reach stuff. He’s also pretty athletic so I reckon he’d be good but DON’T tell him I said that. I’d put my mum on it because she’s good at calming me down when I freak out. And she knows where EVERYTHING is at all times. Like, if I need a pen that I lost two years ago, she will be able to find it. It’s weird. OK, someone I hate? Dom Falcone – the bane of my existence. He can use a gun, and if that fails, he can just shake his head really hard and trip up all the zombies with all that surplus hair-gel. Idiot.

Sophie:  OK, let’s do this. I’d take Millie first because if I was battling creepy brain-eating corpses all day, I would need the comic relief. I once watched her take forty minutes to kill a Daddy Long Legs in her room, shrieking and cursing the whole time, and it was definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d pick my dad because then he’d be out of jail, wouldn’t he? And at least we know he can use a gun… but let’s not talk about that. Moving swiftly along… two more people, right? I’d pick Nic I think, because he’s brave and I know he wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, to be honest. And someone I don’t like? OK, Luca’s still a giant pain in my ass, so I’d pick him. I think he’d be a good addition. Annoying, SO annoying, but smart, I think.

Nic: Me, Luca, Valentino, Dom and Gino. If I have to have someone I don’t really like, I’d swap Gino (he’s a loose cannon) with Felice. Felice wouldn’t get his hands dirty though.

Luca: I’d take Gino, Nic, Valentino and someone I dislike? Someone really annoying and sarcastic and contrary? Throw Gracewell on the team then. I suppose she’d keep it interesting. Though I know I’d probably end up regretting the decision to draft her in in the end when she’s charging unarmed into a crowd of blood-thirsty zombies just to rescue a squirrel or something.

Valentino: Luca, Dom, Paulie, and an enemy? A Marino brother, then. I don’t care which one.

Felice: What kind of question is this? Really? How juvenile. Can’t I just clone myself five times? Alright then, let me see. I’d have myself, and since we’re playing hypotheticals, I’d bring my brother Angelo back. My younger brother Paulie. I’d take Gino, because he has no fear and is always amusing in dangerous situations. Someone I dislike? I suppose Elena Genovese-Falcone. She proves to be the most potent irritant but she is certainly determined and undaunted by violence, so I suppose she would be an asset.

#3 - You are in a sealed room with your arch nemesis - both of you are infected with a deadly disease that is slowly killing you. On a table in the middle of the room lies a syringe containing the cure. There is enough medicine in the syringe that can save only one of you. What would happen? Who would get the syringe?

Millie: Well, this got dark fast. I’d want the syringe obviously, but I’m not sure I could kill to get it. I suppose I’d ask really really nicely…

Sophie: I’d distract them with conversation and then run for the syringe.

Nic: I’d kill him, and take the syringe.

Luca: I’d subdue the enemy and get the syringe. 

Valentino: I’d shoot my enemy and take the cure.

Felice: I’d pretend to be indecisive on the matter. Allow my enemy the illusion of discussing it and then when I got bored, I’d shoot him between the eyes and take the cure. Obviously. Who wouldn’t take the cure for themselves? An idiot, that’s who.

#4 - You are given the chance to travel to any fictional universe to live in for the rest of your life. Which fictional universe would you pick and why?

Millie: Hundred acre wood. Think of how stress-free that would be, just hanging out with Piglet and Tigger and stuffing my face with honey all day. Or maybe Narnia. I always thought the lion in the Narnia movies was oddly attractive. Is that weird? That’s weird isn’t it… 

Sophie: I’d be the pirate bride of Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Nic: The Marvel Superhero Universe.

Luca: Star Wars. I like astrology, OK? That does not make me a nerd.

Valentino: The Discworld universe. 

Felice: As a general rule, I would never wish to be anything other than who I am. If I was to cast my mind towards an alternate reality, I think I would like to live in Blandings Castle, created by my very favourite author, P.G. Wodehouse. I always thought I’d make a good British aristocrat.

#5 - You stumble upon an old lamp one day and discover there is a genie trapped inside. Like Aladdin, you will be granted 3 wishes. What would they be?

Millie: I would wish for a hundred million dollars, instant perfect teeth, and for Liam Hemsworth or Max Irons to fall madly in love with me. Either one is fine, I’m not fussy.

Sophie: I’d wish for my dad to come back, for financial security for my family, and I guess if the genie is anything like the one in Aladdin, I would have to use my third wish to set him free. It wouldn’t be right, otherwise.

Nic: The death of all Falcone enemies, infinite wealth, and forgiveness from the girl I love for the things I’ve done and the things I plan to do.

Luca: The happiness of my family, the ability to speak any language I want, and to live in a cleaner, kinder world. 

Valentino: The safety of the Falcone family, the wisdom to always make the right decisions, and the ability to love freely. 

Felice: The return of my wife and child, due and proper revenge against all those who have wronged my family, and of course, immortality. 

And there you have it! (Anyone else think Felice's answer to the #3 was totally awesome? It's something I would do.) A huge thank you to the cast for taking the time to answer the questions! What did you guys think?

I hope you guys enjoyed that! I certainly did. I want to say a big thank you to Cat for being so patient with me - you were wonderful to work with and I'm so glad we got paired together! Also, a very huge thank you to Alexia Casale for setting up YA Shot and this amazing blog tour and giving me the opportunity to take part!

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Catherine Doyle

Catherine Doyle was born in the West of Ireland in 1990. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in English. As a child she was an annoying smarty-pants with an overactive imagination. She feels lucky to have now found a healthy outlet for her tendency to make up stories. Her debut YA novel, VENDETTA, is the first in a trilogy. The novel takes place in modern-day Chicago, where Catherine’s mother grew up.


  1. Love this! This series doesn't get enough praise.

    I, of course, love Luca's answers.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway!


  2. lol I Ioved Millie's 'do you think I'm going to bother with a zombie apocalypse?' initial reaction!

    Great tour post, hadn't heard of this retelling before, but definitely going to check it out now!