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REVIEW: Night School Legacy by C.J. Daugherty

15757366Author: C.J. Daugherty
Published by: Atom on 22nd November 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Contemporary
Pages: 385
Format: Paperback
Series: Night School #2
Source: Bought
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In the last year, Allie's survived three arrests, two breakups and one family breakdown. The only bright point has been her new life at Cimmeria Academy. It's the one place she's felt she belongs. And the fact that it's brought dark-eyed Carter West into her life hasn't hurt either. 

But far from being a safe haven, the cloistered walls of Cimmeria are proving more dangerous than Allie could have imagined. The students and faculty are under threat, and Allie's family - from her mysterious grandmother to her runaway brother - are at the centre of the storm. 

Allie is going to have to choose between protecting her family and trusting her friends. But secrets have a way of ripping even the strongest relationships apart...

Basically me after reading this book. Without the alcohol... I had coffee.

So where do I start? Where can I start? Uh, how about how CJ managed to create another mindblowing book straight after that masterpiece called Night School. I mean, I didn't think it could get any better but she just went and proved me completely wrong. And I am OK with that. After that rather explosive ending in the first book, Legacy starts off with a bang. Something that instantly had me hooked because what better way than to ensnare your reader's attention than have your beloved main character on the run from men clad in black, trying to kill her?

Do you see what I mean? You don't understand the power of CJ Daugherty, she rules all. Or a term I see used a lot these days - she slays. Heh, that word makes me laugh.

Legacy is filled with even more angst, heart-racing action and adventure and suspense. The mystery builds up, just when you think you got it all figured out - BOOMSomething new rains on your parade and it's awesome. This book packed a punch as we unearth more about Allie's family background and history, including discovering certain truths about the secrets behind Cimmeria Academy. Nowhere is safe for Allie.

Speaking of Allie, if you ever need to read a book/series that has incredible character development, then what are you doing sitting there twiddling your thumbs? START READING THIS SERIES ALREADY. Allie is equally loveable and as realistic as teenagers come. She suffers from panic attacks, she's a rebellious teen but not in the way where it makes you want to slam her head against a spiked wall. She's charming, witty and very much like you and I. While she is brave, she still has flaws and fears but she slowly grows to stand up to the challenges she is faced with and manages to remain somewhat cool-headed even when she is dealing with conflicts with her friends and family.

This book is the definition of emotional turmoil. This whole series is.

This series makes me cry too much.

I want to talk about the romance. Remember that feeling where it feels as if the author physically reached into your chest and pulled out your heart and shredded it to pieces?

This is worse than that feeling.

Because you can't predict what is going to happen. This series is so unpredictable and I love it. I felt a mix of gushy butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of happy from the fluff, and then drowned in my ocean of tears as CJ ripped out my heart and attached it to a firework rocket before setting it off.

So. Yeah, there was that.

Wonderfully addictive writing and plot, very much like the first book yet the political themes adds a special tough to this series. The characters are incredible - Carter and Sylvain anyone? But I love how Allie meets new allies and we get even more awesomeness, CJ spoils us sometimes. The tension is right up there, your heart will race, your pulse will pound and you may even gasp. Super thrilling, invigorating and filled with intense plot twists that will send your mind reeling. 

Do you know how hard it is to write this review without mentioning spoilers? I WANT TO MENTION EVERYTHING. All the feels guys. All. The. Feels.

There is a reason why this series is my all time favourite. Go read it. Now.

Gold Wreath

Obviously deserves the crown. Obviously.

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