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Where Do I Buy My Books?

Where do people buy their books from?

I'm sure everyone is pretty familiar with this question whenever you've just seen a book haul, or maybe a snazzy beautiful book cover caught your interest and you're eager to know where to get one. I ask this question, partly because I'm insanely curious as sometimes I see an edition of a book I like, but have never found it myself - and partly out of pure nosiness. 

So I'm just going address this question and tell you where I buy my books from. And these range from both online and in bookshops!
Note: I've linked all bookseller websites so click on their name if you want to check them out!



As you know, supporting independent publishing is hugely important, and even better if you support independent bookshops. Nothing beats visiting your local bookshop and getting acquainted with the staff who work so hard to keep the place bright and filled with lots of amazing books! We all know of the big Amazon/Book Depository debate and books can be expensive, I agree, and sometimes you can't find the book you want from another seller or bookshops. But lately I've steered towards spending my money on other bookseller websites rather than fall victim to the tempting low prices on Amazon.

One of the best places to buy books from is HIVE. Lately I've been making quite a lot of my purchases from them because they accept National Book Tokens and because they support local independent bookshops.
That's right peeps, a percentage of your purchase goes to support your local independent bookshop! (How cool is that?!)
They have discounted prices, maybe not Amazon cheap (sometimes they're cheaper!) but a discount is a discount! They even sell a few US hardbacks you would rarely find in most UK online booksellers! And they don't just sell books - DVD's, Stationary, Accessories too! (and more!)
And as if they weren't awesome enough already, they do FREE UK SHIPPING on every order! Or alternatively you can have your order delivered to your local independent bookshop.
BONUS: You also receive awesome My Independent Bookshop bookmarks with your orders!

I absolutely love HIVE and what they do so you should definitely check them out, especially if you're in the UK!


Who hasn't heard of Foyles? Unless you're in the US then I can accept that. 
I shop from Foyles A LOT. Possibly 80% of the time I buy my books from them. This counts as both online and instore shopping as I tend to always leave the bookshop with at least with one book, especially when I visit the Charing Cross flagship branch! I have no self restraint when I'm in Foyles. (I mean have you SEEN the inside? It's frigging beautiful!)

They have great prices online and have various editions of books you wouldn't find in other UK booksellers. Their extensive range is staggeringly impressive and the stores are gorgeous. I'm lucky to be able to make regular visits to the bookshop myself, but if you live outside London, their online store is just as good! Plus they have a great Foyalty card scheme to build up points to use in future purchases!

Surprisingly, I don't know why I never thought to look up this bookseller earlier. I only discovered Wordery in September last year. They are a fast-growing independent bookseller with a ginormous range of books in all kinds of editions you could think of! They have amazing prices on their books and ship so fast, for example a while back I pre-ordered the US hardback of The Sin Eater's Daughter and it was dispatched days before publication meaning I got my glorious book early!

Wordery is my go-to place if I need a US hardback that I really want. They usually always have them in stock and again, FREE UK SHIPPING guys! It's a fantastic website!

Those three are my main online booksellers I purchase my books from but when I can't find a specific edition or a particular book, then I resort to Amazon and Book Depository.


I've mentioned Foyles so here's a few bookshops I pay regular visits to when I can! (I mostly do online shopping due to time consuming work hours)


Surprise surprise. This was a no brainer. Waterstones is undoubtedly popular in the UK and what draws me to them usually is the fantastic events they hold which kind of tempts me to buy books when I'm there! They usually feel very 'home-like' to me and I love spending my free time there when I can. The staff are always so lovely!

Waterstones Piccadilly is my usual branch because their YA section is enormous and the building itself is amazing! And recently it has been extended so I can't wait to see that! They always have signed books available but the real bonus is their great Buy One Get One Half Price offer they always have going. It's just too great an offer to pass up whenever I stop by!


Charity shops are what I call gold mines. Because they nearly always have fabulous books, even new releases that other people didn't want anymore. Prices are always great and the money goes towards charity so you don't need to feel guilty my friend!

I always try to stop by my local charity shops or those near work when I can and almost everytime I buy something so check out charity shops, you might just find a precious book you'll love!


Again, I try to visit when I can. I don't have many near my area and opening hours really don't agree with my work schedule! But do support your local bookshops when you can guys!
(This is why I try to make up by shopping at Hive)


Hope you all got a good dose of information and maybe even discovered a few new places to buy books from!

Where do you buy your books from? 
Any booksellers you'd recommend that I haven't listed here?
Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear!

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