Sunday, 1 March 2015

UKYA Extravaganza

I sit here today, with sore shoulders and a frazzled brain, to share with you my experience about this event I went to yesterday in Birmingham. UKYA Extravaganza was brought to us by incredible authors Kerry Drewery and Emma Pass - an event that consisted of 35 fabulous authors squeezed into one room within the walls of Waterstone's Birmingham!

I jumped at the chance to go and meet some of my favourite authors and a few news ones too! It was an opportunity to really get involved with the UKYA community, something that I love which is no secret. Aside from YALC and Writeidea Fest, I hadn't really attended any big blogger events, so it was a wonderful experience. 

From the journey there, all the way up until the train home, I had a ton of fun! It was the first time I ever really travelled outside London by myself, that and it was my first time going to the city of Birmingham! I felt a little adventurous and excited instead of my usual wrecked-with-nerves attitude. I had nothing to be nervous about because everyone was so friendly and lovely - I felt right at home! I think everyone else could say the same.

I had a pleasant journey with Crow Moon to keep me company and yummy cookies!

Authors, Bloggers and Reader's from all over gave up their Saturday to attend this amazing event and the turnout was amazing! It was a mad fun-packed day with Q & A's from the author's and readings, signings and general lively chatter. 

Here's the lovely Robin Stevens reading from her latest release Arsenic For Tea! (Apologies for the bad quality photo!)

Author panel with author of the astounding Seven Days, Eve Ainsworth!

The atmosphere was overwhelming! I got to meet fellow Twitterer's and bloggers that I had been talking to for months, including the lovely Michelle Toy who was the first to find me! I also got to meet bloggers Charli, Sofia, Anna and Lucy who were all wonderful! I got to make new friends and ramble about books, everyone was so kind and welcoming that I felt disheartened when the time came to leave! Alongside reading fanatics, I got to meet a couple author's for the first time. Emma Haughton, author of Now You See Me was one of them, we got to meet (at last!) and have a friendly chat and talk about our love for Russia! It was also lovely to meet a familiar face again!

Here's little old me with the wonderful CJ Daugherty, author of the Night School series.

I wish I could have taken more pictures!

This was the first time an event like this has taken place, and it was a huge success! I think it was a wonderful idea to gather up dozens of authors and book lovers into one place to discuss and share our love for books. We need more events like this, especially to promote UKYA because it deserves recognition. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that you wouldn't feel out of place. That's one of the things I love about the UKYA community. I hope there are more events like this because I would drop everything and race to buy a ticket without hesitation! (Especially if there's more cake involved!)

Huge thanks to Kerry Drewery and Emma Pass for creating such a fabulous and memorable event that I'll cherish forever. You guys did an awesome job! And a huge thank you to the authors who attended! You all made the day so special. Thanks to everyone I met and spoke to who managed to put up with my awkward blabbering! Although I'm aching all over from the aftermath of the event and hauling so many books (which was totally worth it by the way), it was a blast to meet everyone and chat. I look forward to future events like this!

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