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REVIEW: Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

22317508Author: Catherine Doyle
Published by: Chicken House Ltd. on 1st January 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Series: Blood for Blood #1
Source: Author
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Blood will spill and hearts will break...

For Sophie. it's a long, dull summer in the Chicago suburbs, until five mysterious brothers move into her neighbourhood.

A chance encounter with one of them leaves her breathless.

But as the secrets of Nic's Sicilian heritage emerge, Sophie's new world shatters. Now she realizes that the choice between love and family come at a deadly price.

Though technically this book isn't officially released until January 2015 - which, by the way, is mere days away! - I can solely say that this is the best book I've read this year in 2014. With weeks of anticipation built up, I was extremely lucky to have won a beautiful finished copy days before the publication date, so thank you Cat for the giveaway!

My first initial thoughts from the cover and synopsis of this book blankly pointed out that this is a very Romeo & Juliet themed story, what with the family fued implications and forbidden love. Don't be swayed by this detail, you'd be surprised! It's like a Shakespearean tale with a modern twist involving the mafia.

I was left breathless by the end of the story, a shamble of broken feelings and suffering from emotional turmoil. It is difficult for me to put into words of how this book made me feel, and I'm sure people don't wish to read an essay about my cluster of emotions! 
It was such a thrilling experience throughout the entirety of this book. There is never a single dull moment as we are constantly kept drawn in by the main protagonist's - Sophie - witty and endearing personality. Here is a female protagonist written right. I absolutely adored Sophie as I find her someone I can easily compare myself to, or people I know and speak to for that matter. She kept this book alive and had me glued to the story, eager to continue.

The characters in this book are sensational. They are written to absolute perfection with their diverse personality traits - especially the five Sicilian brothers who will sweep you off your feet! Prepare to be swooned! 
What was incredible was they were so well developed and fleshed out, each adding to the story and making it more exciting and mysterious!

There were moments I laughed. Moments I gasped. Moments I felt like I was about to tip over the edge of my seat (or bed in my case). This is the type of romantic contemporary I yearn and thirst for because it is everything a romantic and thrilling contemporary should be. I have never felt such exhilaration in turning the pages in a book as I felt during Vendetta. I am now anxiously awaiting for the next book in this series because this was a phenomenal read and one I shan't be forgetting for a very long time!

I will be recommending this to everyone because this is one book you don't want to miss!

(Note: Just to clarify, I am on Team Luca!)

This book takes the golden crown.

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  1. Just read this yesterday, and definitely a book that makes you swoon! <3 Cant wait to read the second part!!