Sunday, 3 August 2014

Days #6 and #7 - Night School Marathon Wrap Up!



Night School Marathon is over, though technically, there is still about an hour to go (as I type this anyway) until it is officially over but I'M DONE.

That's right. I read all these deceiving books this week and what a journey it was!
I'm a little distraught.
Having only finished Resistance just now, what I write now may contain high levels of excitement, emotional turmoil and fangirling.
You have been warned.

So let us begin with how Day #6 went for me. I pretty much had 2 days to read Resistance but seeing as it was the last book I have in this series, I was reluctant to finish it. I simply wasn't ready to let go of this world yet! It is far too addicting. But I do commend you read it anyway.
So, I took my time reading Resistance and GOD BLESS I FINALLY FOUND OUT WHO THE TRAITOR WAS. I had a hunch on who it might be but I think deep down I was hoping it would be someone else. But that didn't change anything, I still was amazed.
Day #7, or today I finished Resistance. 
That. Ending.
I don't understand how The Fault in Our Stars novel failed to do something that Resistance did. Let's be real, the events in TFIOS are far more heart-wrenching than Resistance yet it was Resistance that made me cry in the end.
Read it and find out.
I love both Carter and Sylvain to pieces right now and that also means I will never pick a team. How have other people managed to pick a side?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND. 
 The final book isn't out until next year. I think I might just die.

So let's move on.
In a week, the Night School series has barged it's way into my favourite series EVER.
This series is a serious contender against my current all-time favourite trilogy - The ANGEL trilogy by L.A. Weatherly and that is saying something. I've loved that trilogy for years now and so far, nothing I've read has managed to replace it. 
But after finishing with Resistance, I think the Night School series has pushed itself into 1st place. For now, I'll just say Night School and ANGEL are neck and neck and will have to share 1st place until I read the final Night School book.
This series is incredible and I never expected to love it as much as I do now. Each book just got better and better and despite the disheartening scenes and events, I loved it. Allie is just incredible. She is now one of my favourite female protagonists, among the other female characters.

The whole world, the plot, the romance, the characters, everything. Everything was pretty much perfection, I can't even fault these books. They took my breath away. I can't wait to write my reviews on them so I can go into it further but for now, I'm just going to say that I'm so happy I got to read this series and discover the amazing Night School world. It was a great pleasure to read them and I can't praise CJ highly enough on her writing because she has written these books beautifully.
The books were worth every tear and the time I gave to read them.
That was one hell of a roller coaster!
Now all there is left to do is wait for that last book. Time to bring out the fish fingers and custard methinks. 
Well, I really enjoyed this week. If you joined in then I hope you did too!
The winner of my giveaway will be picked tomorrow.
Right now, everyone needs to go and read this series. THIS INSTANT.
Severe consequences if you don't.


  1. I agree with you totally. You explained everything. I am one of people who just can't choose between Carter and Sylvain. I just can't somehow. But I think maybe deep in myself I am little more for Sylvain. I don't know anymore. But I think if she will be with Carter I will be sad because she is not with Sylvain. And if she will be with Sylvain I will be sad she is not with Carter. Maybe I will not be sad if in the end turns out that some of these two boys is bad. Or something like that. I just hope that Allie, Carter and Sylvain will not die.'s so hard to choose. Well.. I wish I can choose somehow. For me this is the best teen mystery.. Like really. And for traitor.. I thought about that how it would be cool if there are more people inside who work for Nathaniel. Maybe that will be in next sequel. How it would be cool that is maybe Zoe. Or more people. Because no one will suspect at her. She is just a child. But she is also too smart. So I think that will be so cool. Or when I read Legacy I thought about that how it would be great if turns out that Nathaniel is the one who is good. And after all I don't think Carter is dead. I think that Nathaniel will use him to blackmail Allie. I hope you understand everything. By the way I am from Serbia :D ♥

  2. And.. I wish that she will write 6th book. But.. that will not happen unfortunately. I am just not ready to get out of this world. If I could go into some book and never get out that will be definitely Night School. Even I can die I don't care. I wish I can live in that school. With that people. God.. I want that so much.

    1. "But I think if she will be with Carter I will be sad because she is not with Sylvain. And if she will be with Sylvain I will be sad she is not with Carter."

      OH MY GOD YES. That is exactly how I felt when reading the books! I will never pick a side unless by some horrifying detail, CJ makes either Carter or Sylvain turn out to be some super villain.

      Sylvain's loyalty and love for Allie is to be admired but I think Allie has more chemistry with Carter as he had always been on her side from the beginning, even though the whole Jules thing really pissed me off! (What the hell was he thinking?!)

      But yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel this way! I also suspected Zoe at times so if she does turn out to be a Nathaniel spy then that would be incredible! Sometimes I even think that Nathaniel isn't the bad guy here because Isabelle is very secretive.

      I'd love a 6 book as much as the next Night School fan but we'll just have to hope for a TV Show/Film adaptation or even a spin off series!

      And wow, you're from Serbia! I've always wanted to visit it, you're so lucky! :D

  3. Hahaha exactly. I totally agree about everything. I just can't choose side. I can't wait finally book. Really. I just.. hope I will be happy whoever she picks. I think the worst thing can happen is someone of them ends dead. But I have to say that I would not be surprised so much.. You know if Sylvain dies than everybody will be happy she is with Carter. You know..if it's not Sylvain than Carter.. would be awful she is not neither with Sylvain neither with Carter.(I think it say so) :'D
    Oh..I have so many thoughts. So many cool things can happen. But.. after this and this This really breaks my heart. When I read Syvain's perspective.. I started to cry. He is so good. So loyal. He could be after Allie with any girl but he didn't. He is so careful.. uh... I am so sad because of him because I's almost obviously that Allie will be with Carter if she must to choose between them. She realize she love Carter. But you know..It may can still happen a miracle.. :( Did you live in London? Because I think I saw that you will meet CJ so.. you are lucky to live there. If you can do me a favor ask her when When will come out Endgame? (If you didn't know that is name of 5th book) :D
    By the way, thank you so much for answer. Did you have facebook or something where we can chat if you want of course? To talk about Night School especially when 5th book come out? :D ♥

    1. I think I would be devastated if Sylvain or Carter died! I'd rather they both survive and one faces heartbreak. That would be bearable! CJ could surprise us and have Allie end up with no one haha. That would be a page turner!
      Oh, those extra reverse POV chapters were so heart-breaking :-( but I loved reading from their point of view, I hope she writes a couple more or even better, rewrite the entire series from Sylvain and Carter's points of view!
      Yes I live in London though I really want to live in the countryside! And yes I'll be meeting CJ tomorrow :-)
      I follow you on Twitter now so we can chat on DM if you'd like?<3