Sunday, 13 July 2014

YALC Madness!

Young Adult Literature Convention

On Saturday 12th July, I went to the first ever Young Adult Literature Convention which was held in conjunction with the London Film and Comic Con 2014. YALC was curated and directed by none other than Malorie Blackman, the author of the acknowledged Noughts and Crosses sequence. YALC is held over a 2 day period filled with exciting events, workshops and signings!

As an avid reader and book lover, I couldn't resist an opportunity to meet some of my favourite authors and get more involved in the bookish community! I was incredibly excited to hear that Rainbow Rowell would be there for a signing AND a panel too and incredible it was!

Among panels, signings and workshops, there were other stalls including a Books With Bite stand where they had an amazing offer for their books going on! (I bought two, I couldn't help it.) Hot Key Books also had their own stand but to add, they had a cool book swap going on as well. If you have any unwanted books (preferably YA) then you could drop it off at the book swap and swap it for another book which you'd like to read! I think this was a fab idea by the Hot Key team. They also had a great range of books available for purchase!

My day started in the worst way possible - I left my tickets at home. YES. YOU READ CORRECT. - I couldn't believe I left them at home! Worse, I was already at Earl's Court when I realised they were missing. (I blame the excitement.) So I had to circle back home, get my tickets, and travel back to Earl's Court before finally queuing up. It was a hot day, and some people know I had chosen to lug around a suitcase for my books for the day. As painful as the day was, I extremely enjoyed it. Carrying 4 tote bags and my suitcase was worth meeting the lovely authors there and bloggers as well! I got to meet Jayd @ books, food and other things, Daphne @ Winged Reviews and Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary! It was great to meet with other bloggers for the first time and they were so so lovely!

So here are the books I got at YALC:

Rock War: The Audition by Robert Muchamore

Books With Bite handed out these cute mini books, I can't wait to read Rock War!

GoodReads link here

Electric Monkey 2014 Previews (Previews of their upcoming titles)

Cracks & Fragments Caroline Green

I found these at the Hot Key booth and couldn't resist buying them as they sound amazing!

GoodReads: Cracks, Fragments

The Memory Keepers by Natasha Ngan

There were early copies at the Hot Key booth and I jumped at the chance to get one! I really loved The Elites by Natasha and I can't wait to read The Memory Keepers! I also got to meet Natasha and chat with her. She was so lovely and we both got into a small discussion about Noughts and Crosses, it was really great!

GoodReads link here

Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi

I took part in the Hot Key book swap that took place at their booth and swapped an unwanted book for one I'd like to read. I really love the sound of this one and I adore books about angels.

GoodReads link here

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger & Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Books With Bite had a great offer going and I've wanted to get these books for a while now!

GoodReads: The DUFF, Deep Blue

DYSTOPIA by Anthony Ergo

This book was launched at YALC and I heard about it on Twitter so I bought a copy as it sounds like something I'd like to read.

GoodReads link here

Among these, I took my own for signings and met some wonderful authors! At first, I was racked with nerves but I really had nothing to worry about. Everyone was incredibly nice and I left YALC with a heart full of happiness!

I got to meet and talk to:

Rainbow Rowell
Natasha Ngan
Patrick Ness
Malorie Blackman
Ruth Warburton
Amy McCulloch
Kim Curran

and amazingly, I got also got to meet Adjoa Andoh. A British actress who starred in one of my all time favourite TV shows, Doctor Who. And also James Cox (James Storm) who is an American wrestler. (If you haven't guessed, I'm also a fan of wrestling, very unfeminine I know.)

To sum it all up, YALC was a huge success for it's first launch and I think it's a wonderful event for people who share a love for books and writing. It really does give that feel of being in a community and encourages those who yet to discover the art of books and writing, to go out and read more. Congratulations to Malorie Blackman for holding such a successful event!

Thank you to all the authors and bloggers who made my day so wonderful, I loved every moment! To those who missed out on going this year, DO try to go at some point, you won't regret it! I just wish I could have gone to both days but I know I will be going again next time!


  1. It was an amazing event, wasn't it? I really hope they do it again next year.

    The book swap was such a smart idea :D And wow, four totes? My two suddenly seems rather meagre.

    1. It really was! I hope we have another YALC next year because I'll definitely be going both days next time, it was amazing!

      The book swap really was amazing! There were some great books available for swap :D

      Yes FOUR. Goodness it has killed my shoulders carrying them but worth it! Two is still a lot if you're carrying books in them so I'd say we're equals!

  2. It was so lovely to meet you, Sally! I'm glad you had a good weekend! x

    1. I hope you had a great weekend too! :D x

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time! :D I'm very excited by all the positive reactions coming away from this weekend. It bodes well for the future. Hopefully next year YALC will be able to stand on its own away from Comic Con (I think that probably didn't help with capacity issues) and the UK will have its own convention!