Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day #2 - Night School Marathon

Exhausted yet? It's only Day 2! (Or technically, it's Day 3 when I post this but let's not think of the minor details here.)

So where am I with the books I hear you say? (Or not.)
Well, I managed to finish Night School, Book 1 in the series so wohoo! And I absolutely LOVED it. I have no idea how CJ does it but her writing is freaking amazing. There was a perfect balance between descriptions and dialogue and as I mentioned before, god, that first book was CREEPY. I really thought there was going to be some kind of paranormal entities ready to jump out which would result in some more sleepless nights and perhaps some wailing if my family are lucky. (thankfully this didn't occur.) 

So what team am I on? WELL...

Neither. I CANNOT DECIDE. I simply CAN'T. Both Carter and Sylvain are very different but both share feelings for Allie. (Lucky her.) Carter would be the obvious pick - the loner who is bad news and whom Allie should stay away from - but there's something about Sylvain that captures my attention. (And heart.) 
I really thought I would be able to pick between the two, as most readers have done, but it's not easy. I'm back to Team Allie again. She's a kick-ass protagonist, I adore her. She is now one of my favourite female protagonists, if not the best.

I moved onto Night School: Legacy. How could I wait? There are so many mysteries I yet to uncover and I'm suffocating here. MUST. READ. MORE.
I am 157 pages into Legacy and all I can say is SYLVAIN. WHY CARTER. STOP.
I am sad. Again.

I'm off to read some more. And maybe cry as well. It's bloody awesome though.

SO HEY, have you entered my giveaway yet? You could win Book 3 in the series! Night School: Fracture! It's open to all European residents! Open until the end of #NightSchoolMarathon so that's this Sunday at midnight. (GMT)

Good luck and happy reading!

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