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REVIEW: Witch Hunt by Ruth Warburton

Author: Ruth Warburton
Published by: Hodder Children's Books on 5th June 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Witches, Magic
Pages: 384
Series: Witch Finder #2
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Gold Wreath
Beautiful and Exhilarating!


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Sworn to a loveless marriage.
Sworn to avenge the death of a parent.
Sworn to kill the one you love...

London 1880.

Luke Lexton has failed his intitation to be a Witch Hunter in the worst possible way: by falling for Rosa, the witch girl he was sworn to kill...

Now they are on the run - from Rosa's ex-fiancé and from Luke's former brothers in the Malleus Maleficorum. Together they dream of a new life. But danger is always one step behind them...

That cover is gorgeous, no?

Despite finding faults with the first book in the Witch Finder series, I enjoyed it. Truly and I knew the second book would be much better so I did not hesitate to grab myself a copy of Witch Hunt. I can say with complete confidence that I have no regrets in choosing to continue reading this series. (Especially since the wait for the second book wasn't very long. My patience has it's limits.)

So after the events of Witch Finder, we are left on a bit of a cliff hanger as both Luke and Rosa, our beloved protagonists are now on the run from both the Malleus Maleficorum brotherhood and Rosa's ex-fiancé, Sebastian. Both at which will do anything to have them captured. Witch Hunt circles around both Luke and Rosa trying to survive in the harsh world of the 80's with no money or jobs, not to mention they were constantly being hunted. Both attempt to steal a horse and escape to the countrysides before choosing to start a new life in Scotland, away from their pasts. But nothing is that easy for they both face some very dramatic obstacles and twists along the way, including the truth behind the murder of Luke's parents.

First of all, there is never a dull moment throughout the entirety of this book. It's fast-paced, dramatic and incredibly gripping and I was so incredibly pleased on how it turned out. It was a huge improvement from the first book and I read it in one sitting. 

Rosa is left with the cursed wedding ring which we discover, is impossible to take off and happens to drain her magical powers, enabling her useless. Without her magic, she and Luke will have even more difficulty trying to survive and find freedom. I loved reading about their journey as they fought through some hard battles and yet both remained positive. Watching their characters grow and improve really made it more enjoyable to read. Rosa, for one, being a female in a world where they were considered of lower status, she rose above those expectations and bloomed. She showed courage and bravery, fought when she felt necessary and I adored her. She wasn't your typical damsel in distress, in fact the complete opposite! Another character I grew to like is Sebastian Knyvet. In the first book, I felt his character was a little confusing, not entirely sure what his motives were. That pretty much cleared up by the end of this book. He was your average power-hungry, psychotic and controlling villain. (Just with a little more class.) He would do anything to claim Rosa as his own for she was the only girl ever to challenge him. I got to know him a little more and had a solid understanding of his motives and personality.

The best part about this book? The Romance! 

Yes, the romance was beautiful. I expected Luke and Rosa to have a stable relationship from the start but it appears we get to see even more conflict. They yet to put a name to their relationship, both in some form of denial and believing they were only forced to be together from former situations yet somehow they couldn't bear to be apart. To add, Luke is still battling with his past, unable to forget his parents and the pain he put Rosa through. He was usually secluded and this led to more conflict between him and Rosa. I adored their relationship and it gradually grew and blossomed, it was very beautifully written!

There is so many unexpected twists in the story where Warburton would make you think that something good was about to take place, yet the opposite would happen. It had me on the edge of my seat at all times. There is a share of violence, but it's what made the story so intense and gripping. It was all very vivid and thrilling! You will be dragged through a tunnel of pain as you read this, so be prepared. The ending was breath-taking and I'm incredibly excited for the next book. 

If you love fast-paced books filled with a beautiful romance and magic, this is one you should look out for. There is an abundance of excitement, great characters and a fantastic story, it will rock you off your feet!

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