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REVIEW: Prime Deception by Carys Jones

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for a honest review.

Author: Carys Jones
Published by: Carina UK on 7th April 2014
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Pages: 304
Format: eBook
Source: From the Author
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Silver Wreath


John Quinn, an investigative journalist on England's biggest-selling and most notorious tabloid newspaper, is about to write the story of his life - a scandalous expose of one of the country's most powerful men. But the story dies when Lorna Thomas, the kiss-and-tell, kills herself on a quiet country road.

For six months Laurie Thomas' twin sister had been the Deputy Prime Minster's secret mistress - and following sister's footsteps to London, and to the heart of government, Laurie grows more convinced that Lorna did not take her own life.

But if Lorna didn't kill herself, who did? There's only one person who can help Laurie - the very man who's bed her sister had illicitly been sharing. 

It's been some time since I picked up an Adult novel, opposed to the usual Young Adult. But as soon as I read the synopsis of this novel, I had to read it. Lately I've been reading a lot more Mystery/Thriller books and I'm loving them!

This particular tale circles around Laurie Thomas, the identical twin to Lorna Thomas who had supposedly killed herself by driving her car into a tree. Lorna had begun working as an intern for Charles Lloyd, the Deputy Prime Minster. Through this, Charles found himself attracted to Lorna for his own marriage felt as if it was not for love and it is then both Lorna and Charles begin what was a six month affair. Knowing there were risks that could endanger both their reputations and his position, Charles broke off the affair. Lorna then decided to sell the story of her affair to a infamous tabloid but before this could happen, she died. Her twin, Laurie seeks for answers, unable to believe that Lorna had committed suicide and so decides to gain help from Charles.

Now firstly, I'll just say that this book contains Politics. Not so insanely packed that it makes your brain bleed from trying to understand the political terms but enough to get you interested. We have descriptions from the House of Commons which for me, was a plus. I do love Politics, I took it for my A-Level's so it was nice to be in familiar territory. Even if you aren't a fan of politics, you won't be disappointed - the plot itself will be enough to satisfy you.

The story is told from different character's point of view, which was great because then we got an insight from each on their thoughts and emotions. It mostly circled around Laurie and Charles but also included Elaine, - Charles wife - Arthur, - Laurie's boyfriend - the tabloid writer John Quinn and Faye - Charles assistant. We get most of the back-story from flashbacks from both Charles and Laurie and this gets your suspicions started. I did have my theories on what had happened to Lorna but it unraveled in such an unpredictable way. It is fast-paced, mysterious and dramatic!

There were points where the characters would frustrate me. Charles for example, when he chose to pursue Laurie after they both worked together secretly to uncover the truth behind Lorna's death. I felt as if he was trying to use Laurie as a substitute, and for me, Laurie was my favourite character. She was bold, brave and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I admired her character. Faye was also a favourite as she knew of Charles affair yet chose to remain loyal and support him though she felt conflicted.

We discover that there are gaps in Lorna's death and something isn't right, I was eager to find out what. But before that, we go through a roller coaster of an ending and there were events that I didn't even expect! It all built up to the truth and I was so very happy and satisfied with the ending! I loved it. It was exhilarating and dramatic, it may even throw you off balance. For me, this was a very good read and I would highly recommend that more people read it. If you're worried about explicit content... don't. This book is completely safe, I can guarantee.

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