Thursday, 12 June 2014

Physical V.S eBooks!

Ah, I've been expecting you! Welcome, welcome, please take a seat. Don't be shy!

I have a very important matter that I would like to discuss with you, if you please. So today, while I was having my morning coffee, an idea sprung to mind. I've had many thoughts about this before but now that I have this blog, I can finally broadcast my opinions!

Anyway, the big question is, do people prefer physical copies of books or eBooks? And why? 

We all know how much technology has expanded and the growing population of tablets, eReaders and such. Now we have a whole range of methods to read books. Thanks to our dear friend, the internet, people can now easily download electronic formats of books. They can purchase them online or from an app and easily store them into their electronic gadgets. It's amazing.


What I'm trying put across here is why do some people prefer eBooks over an actual physical copy? What draws you in? Is it less hassle? Do you read quicker? Is the reading experience better for you?

I agree they are cheaper (most of the time), faster to get and god forbid, you wouldn't have to worry about it becoming tattered and falling apart then having to replace it, but how can one resist the feeling of a soft/hardback book within your palms? Here's a plus, I bet you eBook loving people are unable to catapult your eReader/tablet across the room whenever a story annoys you. (Heh. You should see the smile on my face.)

In all seriousness, I'm not saying everyone should be a strong fan of physical books like yours truly, I have nothing against eBooks but it can't be only me who feels a little heartbroken that our good old paperback/hardback copies of books are getting a little neglected. What's not to love? You get to embrace the beautiful covers of books designed by some of the most talented people in the world! Not even the world's best fragrance can top the whiff of a good book. I knew from the very beginning that I would be a proud supporter of physical books and since then, I probably have only read 4 or 5 eBooks in my entire life. I just don't get the same feelings and awesome experiences that I get from reading a physical book. It's different for everyone. And let's face it, which book lover hasn't dreamed of having their own library in their home one day? Unless you plan to fill your shelves with tablets and eReaders, which I think is a little ridiculous. (I may have to call in the Arrow.)

eBooks are great, I can agree with that. But what makes them so great? If you're an avid eBook reader, do you feel the same when reading an electronic book as you do when reading a physical one? Or do you miss the feel of turning the pages? If you're an author, are you more excited to see a reader holding a physical copy of your book or read an electronic copy from their chosen device? Physical or eBook? What do you prefer and why?

There is an advantage, especially for reviewers. These days we have websites such as NetGalley that offer review copies which readers can request. I think this is a wonderful idea, as you get an eBook format of your preferred book much quicker and it's very easy to request for them. This is a great way to promote books and it's much faster too!

But more importantly, are eBooks taking over? Will there be a day when we will no longer have physical copies of books? (This is what I call an apocalypse.) Though there are articles about the growth of eBook sales slowing down recently, but who is to say it won't pick up again?

That is all for today, thank you again for stopping by and please, do let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below or on Twitter and share it with others too! Also, let me know whether you are a supporter of physical books, or if you are an eBook lover. (Choose wisely.)

Til next time, I bid thee farewell!


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