Thursday, 5 June 2014

Caesar Challenges (2)

I see you are back. Do you think you can tackle Caesar's challenge today? We shall see...

Caesar Challenges is a new weekly event on The Dark Dictator where readers will be given a short passage from a book of my choice and it will be up to you to guess which book it is from!

So welcome back. I've been neglecting my poor blog these past few days, apologies as I've had a very hectic week! So today I bring you another challenge as I've had a few people saying that they really liked this new feature which made me incredibly happy! 

In regards to last week's challenge, the quote was from A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Congratulations if you guessed correct which most of you did! 

That was an easy one to start things off. Let's see how good your book knowledge is! Can you guess which book this quote comes from?

'Did she miss him?
She wanted to lose herself in him. To tie his arms around her like a tourniquet. 
If she showed him how much she needed him, he'd run away.'

You can comment below or even tweet me your answer if you like!

Good luck!

Note: Please don't cheat! Test your knowledge and see if you really are a true lover of books!

Another note: Caesar is watching you.

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