Sunday, 11 May 2014

Welcoming Ceremony


Welcome to my throne room, please, have a seat, and do get comfortable. Canapé?

I'm so pleased to finally have this blog up and running, as painful as that process was, and now I can finally start blogging! 

To start off this ceremony, introductions are in order, so here's a little info about yours truly:

My name's Sally. I'm a Pisces, which probably tells you a lot about me. *insert Sheldon Cooper response here*

I really love reading books, though I didn't get to pick up an actual book till I entered primary school (That's Elementary School I think for those in the US.). I was pretty much the book nerd in my family (and still am today!) I was one of those types of readers that used to pick up any book without paying attention to it's author. Honestly, the guilt is piling on my shoulders now. I just loved getting deeply immersed within a book and find myself in another world. The feeling is indescribable and as a child, my fantasies were crazy! So I pretty much read anything. 

As I grew older, I began to write my own stories (thankfully those disasters are locked and hidden away where no one can read them) and I realised I really wanted to become a writer! But then reality hit me. I knew nothing of the publishing world out there because the internet was finally welcomed to my house when I was 15! (Some of you reading this now must be thinking what on earth was I doing with my life - to this I have no answer.)

In the past year, I noticed I've been reading mostly YA books and discovered book blogs - probably the second best creation after books, and it made me want to do something related to my passion. I never really had the confidence back then but slowly, I've begun to build to that up and here I am!

So, onto things bookish! 

Favourite Books:

My all-time favourite books are from the ANGEL Trilogy by L.A Weatherly. I seriously love this series so much - the characters (*cough* Team Alex *cough*), the world, the plot, everything. 

Honestly I have so many that I can't list them all but here's a few:

- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
- Banished by Liz de Jager
- Half Bad by Sally Green
- The Seer Series by Linda Joy Singleton
- Trouble by Non Pratt

And that's just some of many. I could go on but we could be here all day. My throne isn't that comfortable.



I love Fantasy books. Why? Simply being it's the one genre where you can make up anything from having powers that could make you grow an extra toe to being a non-existent species from a planet that has yet to be formed. You can create a whole new universe and devise it's entire rules and setting. It gives the reader some challenge in picturing the world in their minds. It's brilliant!

Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Thrillers and so on are all great too but Fantasy holds a special place in my heart.

As for Authors, the list is endless. We have so many talented people all over the world!

I'm really excited to be starting my own blog, it's something I've been yearning to do for a while now and I really look forward to the future of it. Hopefully people will enjoy what I post! I'm ecstatic to be finally joining the blogosphere! So before I start rambling nonsense, I will conclude this ceremony here. (Truthfully, Love Letters to the Dead is waiting for me and I am itching to read it or I probably have read it by the time this is up. It should be my first book review on this blog.)

Anyway, thank you for stopping by! Feel free to subscribe or follow me on Twitter @TheDarkDictator, I don't bite. Drop an email or simply comment below and we could get acquainted.

Till next time, I bid thee farewell.

P.S. This blog was inspired by Julius Caesar. Assassination is frowned upon. 


  1. First of all, I'm LOVING this theme of Queen/Dictator Sally. Wonderful :)
    Secondly, I'm super jealous because even just reading your first post and having a look at your design makes me want to redesign my whole blog out of shame. *hides*

    And now, welcome to the books blogging world! We've spoken a few times before (It's @bfaot_blog, if you're wondering!) and I had NO IDEA that you didn't already have a blog. Nonetheless, I'm really excited to watch your blog grow and develop!

    I'm reading Half Bad at the moment and omg. So AMAZING.
    I'm also a fantasy lover, so much so, that it actually takes me a great deal of effort to read contemporary haha.

  2. Hello there! Of course I know who you are :D (I may stalk your blog from time to time heh...)

    Thank you! I'm really proud of my blog so far. Don't be ashamed of your blog! I've seen it and I love it! It's good to be different :-) and thank you for the warm welcome!

    I was far too nervous to start a blog haha but I'm really excited about it now! As for Half Bad, I hope you enjoy it! It's one of my favourites, look forward to seeing your opinion on it!

    *high fives* Fantasy lovers unite!

  3. Hi there! Your blog looks so cool! I love it. I love the rating system and everything. It's so original and awesome. (:

    (I'm a Classicist, so. I have a weakness for these things.)

    I started a book blog back in March. It's been a lot of fun so far! I hope you enjoy your blogging experience too.

    I haven't read any of the books on your favourites list! I have some of them on my TBR (Half Bad by Sally Green especially). I really liked Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell but I have my hesitations about reading Eleanor & Park since I've heard, especially from Korean readers, that the race aspect of is a bit problematic. I'll personally avoid that one, I think, but I'm still looking forward to reading other Rowell books in the future.

    I agree, fantasy is where my heart lies. I love contemporary YA a lot but oh my god, you cannot tear me away from my fantasy books. I love magic systems, I love weird creatures and strange lands, and above all I have the greatest fondness for quest-type books. QUESTS. QUESTS ARE THE BEST.

    1. Thank you! :-) (I'm a bit of a classicist myself!)

      I'm really loving blogging and I'll check out your blog soon too.

      Half Bad was brilliant! I'll be posting a review on it very soon hopefully. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
      I understand your situation with Eleanor and Park but I think every should give it a go and see your own take on it but it's really up to you. :-)

      High 5 for Fantasy! (I love quest books too!)